On-Skin Electromagnetic Multi-Sensations Actuator for Wearable Computing

Introduction: On-skin devices are emerging in recent decades and drawing more and more attention from researchers. The skin offers excellent opportunities for different kinds of input stimuli. Recent research reported a prototype which generate and deliver three sensations via the movements of the tactor contacting with the skin directly: dragging, tapping and vibration to the users based on the Lorentz force principle.
However, it still remains a lot of room for improving the prototype. For instance, the movement space of the tactor could be further explored, such as changing the dragging or tapping range. Additionally, the tactor may be moved along a 2D space above the skin by increasing the number of coils in two directions which might be particularly interesting in the context of VR.

Key words: Ubiquitous computing, Wearable computing, On-skin actuator



  • Literature review;
  • Modify the existing design of actuators;
  • Design the circuit for the actuator system and connect the computer for interaction
  • Technical evaluations of the actuators;
  • Comparisons the Pros and Cons of on-skin actuators with off-the-shelf vibration
  • User study;
  • Find suitable application scenarios;

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