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Within the BMBF-funded project “Lehre hoch Forschung”, several measures to establish research-oriented teaching at a much earlier stage than in traditional university teaching are implemented at KIT – both in individual institutes as well as in the central institutions.

TECO / the Chair for Pervasive Computing Systems is involved in the subproject “Servicestelle Projektorientierte Lehre”, that deals with the creation and development of new course structures. These are a practical software development course (“Praxis der Software-Entwicklung (PSE)”) and a practical research course (“Praxis der Forschung (PdF)”).

In “Praxis der Forschung”, students are deeply involved in current research. They go through all phases of a research project, including planning and writing a short proposal, always with the goal to publish the results at the end of the 1-year project. “Praxis der Forschung” is very successful so far: Since its start, at TECO alone, a number of papers partially or completely covering the research from the student projects have been successfully published, one was even awarded the “Best Paper Award” of the conference.
Another notable success is that so far two former undergraduate students decided to pursue PhD studies at TECO as a result of their participation in “Praxis der Forschung” and are currently working as full-time employees at TECO.


  • 2012 – today


  • Various other computer science chairs at KIT

Research topics

  • Creation and development of a practical software development course (“Praxis der Software-Entwicklung (PSE)”)
  • Creation and development of a practical research course (“Praxis der Forschung (PdF)”)


For TECO’s activities regarding the master’s course “Praxis der Forschung” within “Lehre Hoch Forschung”, please contact

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More information

Selected publications

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Publications in “Praxis der Forschung”

The following publications all include work done by TECO students in the course of their “Praxis der Forschung” projects. For a list of all publications (including those of other chairs), please look here.

[mendeley type=”groups” id=”8c337d2b-91fd-3f04-9db0-60b09db9bea4″ filter=”tag=project:praxisderforschung” sortby=”year” sortorder=”desc”]

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