Software Campus: Augmented Reality for in-situ Process Visualization (ARVis)

March 30th, 2017  |  Published in Research

The increasing complexity of processes leads to an enormous amount of data which needs to be processed and understood by people. This is true for a great variability of processes, such as a production process in a factory or a more abstract procedure settled in an office environment. Finding a suitable way to visualize the necessary process information has been a subject of recent literature. One approach is the use of Augmented Reality (AR). Using AR, the user is able to navigate in the room and to obtain a spatial reference to the information.
The new technology of Google’s Project Tango offers a stable and accepted way to implement AR based applications running on tablets and Smartphones. However, some fundamental problems still remain. One main challenge of AR is to present the information without overcharging the capacity of the user. This could lead to a decreasing effort of the user. Our vision is to achieve a reasonable and context sensitive visualisation of information for handheld AR. For this, the context of the user needs to be recognised. Types of contexts could be the working context, position context, or activity context. One goal of this project is to explore how these contexts can be determined and how they are used to improve the representation of information.The results will be used to implement a prototype of a context recognition system and a prototype to visualize information dependent on the context. To evaluate the approaches, an in-situ user study will be conducted. With this, we can obtain results about how the approaches can be used in real industrial settings.


04/2017 – 10/2017


Software AG

Research Topics

Process visualization; Augmented Reality; Context Recognition


Anne Borcherding (Project Manager, email:

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