Doktorand / Informatik / Gesundheitstechnologie und KI (full time, E13 payment)

Forschungsthema dieser Doktorandenstelle ist die Entwicklung und Anwendung von Verfahren der Künstlichen Intelligenz – insbesondere auch LLM-Verfahren – die in der Lage sind, Prozesse im Gesundheitswesen zu automatisieren. Dazu zählen etwa Verfahren zur automatisierten Konvertierung von Datensätzen, Verfahren der automatisierten Kuration der Datensätze mittels KI sowie der Verstehbarkeit von Datensätzen und darauf angewandten Verfahren der more…

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edge-ml is a browser based, end-to-end machine learning framework for time-series data on microcontrollers. Data can be ingested using various methods, including live collection. Labeling is supported in a user-friendly manner with a graphical user interface. Based on the datasets and labels, users can train machine learning models which are deployable onto microcontrollers.

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Validaitor is a former research project and now Start-UP that is being incubated by the TECO research group. The purpose of the project is to develop a comprehensive system for the auditing and the certification of the AI systems. The project gets its funding from the BMBF under the StartUpSecure KASTEL programme. More information can more…

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TreuMoDa – Treuhandstelle für Mobilitätsdaten [Mobility Data Trust Center]

TreuMoDa (TMD) will be designed as an independent and non-profit interface that will enable data from the field of mobility to be made available and used by science, industry and society in accordance with transparent criteria and in compliance with data protection regulations. It will be a building block for strengthening science and innovation by more…

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FreshIndex | EUHub4Data

FreshIndex in EUHub4Data is a project that focuses on enhancing the safety and sustainability of the food sector by utilizing AI and IoT technologies. The project aims to develop a comprehensive monitoring system that tracks food quality and safety from farm to table, while reducing waste and promoting sustainability throughout the food supply more…

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ARCTUS – Monitoring refrigerator condensing units | EUHubs4Data

In the ARCTUS project we develop machine learning (ML) models to monitor refrigerator condensing units (RCU). Such ML models can bring significant value since they provide information on upcoming malfunctions that could stop the operation of an RCU and also predict future energy consumption. For this project we use public datasets as well as data more…

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AI-Platform for automated training of object detection models based on cad data The manual assembly of devices consisting of many individual parts is a time-consuming, tedious and error-prone industrial process, which could in principle be supported by automated recognition technologies. As a typical example, Gabler is a manufacturer of production machines for packaging goods, each more…

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OpenEarable Package

OpenEarable is a new, open-source, Arduino-based platform for ear-based sensing applications.It supports a series of sensors and actuators: a 9-axis inertial measurement unit, an ear canal pressure and temperature sensor, an inward facing ultrasound microphone as well as a speaker, a push button, and a controllable LED. We demonstrate the versatility of the prototyping platform more…

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Akademische/r Mitarbeiter/in / Doktorand/in im Bereich „Human-in-the-Loop Design für Datenplattformen“

Das TECO ( von Prof. Dr. Michael Beigl  beschäftigt sich in Forschung, Lehre und Innovation mit Fragestellung des Ubiquitous Computing.   Die ausgeschriebene Stelle fokussiert auf die Untersuchung und Gestaltung von Human-in-the-Loop Ansätzen im Kontext von Datenplattformen. Dazu gehören z.B. Ansätze wie Active Learning, aber auch neuartige Benutzerschnittstellen (graphisch oder per Chat) zur Eingabe more…

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askui askui brings vision to your code and automates any technology and any use case by automating operating systems instead of applications. askui enables developers to build an automated digital world by providing an UI automation solution that brings vision to your code for the automation of any use case on any operating system. To more…

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