edge-ml is a browser based, end-to-end machine learning framework for time-series data on microcontrollers. Data can be ingested using various methods, including live collection. Labeling is supported in a user-friendly manner with a graphical user interface. Based on the datasets and labels, users can train machine learning models which are deployable onto microcontrollers.

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The goal of the Karlsruhe Competence Center for AI Engineering is to link state-of-the-art AI research and established engineering disciplines. For the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), more specifically Machine Learning (ML) in practice, basic principles get researched and new tools developed. The main application areas include industrial production as well as mobility. more…

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HelioPas AI

HelioPas AI is a startup spin-off which monitors agricultural fields on parameters like crop health and soil moisture. The latest research in data science enables HelioPas AI to produce unparalleled in spatial resolution and prediction accuracy. The data is used by farmers to monitor fields further away to better plan their field work and to more…

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