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Since its founding in 1993, the TECO research group has been directing a multitude of projects across a wide range of research topics which can be divided into three broader Research Fields: Analytics, Human-Computer Interaction, and Sensors and Systems.

With partners from relevant industry sectors and the core idea to tie research and industry closer together, all of these projects are tightly linked to one or multiple Application Areas, most importantly Big Data, the Internet of Things & Industry 4.0, Mobile & Wearable Computing, and Smart Cities.

With the rise of Ubiquitous Computing, computers and therefore sensors have become omnipresent in our daily life. Likewise, Industry 4.0 strategies have introduced sensors in the supply chain and production processes. The TECO research group develops and analyses improvements in how these sensors collect information, connect with each other, and interchange and process data to enable innovative processes throughout society in business, Smart City, industrial and private settings.

Other projects study how people interact with electronic devices and which tools can assist individuals or teams in different environments to benefit from technological advancement. Finding new forms of preparing and conveying information by using Augmented Reality or special feedback methods suited for particular contexts is essential to maximize the efficiency and usability of these computer systems.

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Research Fields
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ML4Print In the ML4Print project, we collaborate with E.I.N.S. Software Solutions and Japico Dietz GmbH to tackle the document fraud using Artificial Intelligence. Document fraud is a major concern for the border control and hence for the security of the countries and current solutions lack the ability to identify the fraud in the documents successfully. more…

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FreshIndex FreshIndex in EUHub4Data is a project that focuses on enhancing the safety and sustainability of the food sector by utilizing AI and IoT technologies. The project aims to develop a comprehensive monitoring system that tracks food quality and safety from farm to table, while reducing waste and promoting sustainability throughout the food supply chain. more…


SoftNeuro is a project focused on the development of resource-constrained artificial intelligence for soft robotics and wearables, utilizing neuromorphic systems and soft electronics. The project aims to create a new paradigm for artificial intelligence that overcomes the limitations of traditional computing in soft and wearable devices. The project will leverage the latest advances in neuromorphic more…